The most popular Asian dishes of the moment

popular Asian dishes

The most popular Asian dishes of the moment

Asian dishes have come to conquer our hearts and take over our menus for their ingredients, the color of its dishes, the different aromas, the presentation of each of its foods, and how to leave out the famous bamboo chopsticks.

And although Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai food have their own distinctive seasoning, it is recognized for being the healthiest because they have in common the abundance of different vegetables, legumes, seafood, and little use of meats.

We also know that probably sushi, yakimeshi, chop suey, sweet pork or chicken, spring rolls, among other dishes, are the ones that you have become the most familiar with or eat regularly. But today there are other dishes that are really popular in Asia and that in Mexico are having a lot of popularity.

We assure you that you will not finish reading this list of the most popular Asian dishes of the moment when your mouth will already be watering!

Pad Thai

We present to you the most famous dish in Thailand! Made with rice noodles, soybean oil, tofu, pork, peanuts, dried shrimp, salt marinated radish, eggs, soybean sprouts, chives, garlic, fish sauce, brown sugar, and lime juice. All that is cooked in a wok and that’s it.

So if you want to eat something very typical of Thailand, you already know what the suggestion is.


Ramen is thought to be a Japanese dish, but it really is a Chinese fusion creation and basically what makes Japanese ramen different from Chinese is the broth. It is composed of wheat noodles prepared with aromatic broth and the rest of the components vary according to the taste of the diner, whether it is meat, fish, or vegetables and its flavor can be spicy, sweet, or a drier taste, even bittersweet. It is generally served in a bowl that is deliciously appetizing.

Roti Canai

famous Asian dishes

From Malaysia to the world we present the roti canai, a circular bread of Indian origin that is accompanied by lentil curry and is served in every corner of Malaysia. It is prepared very quickly, it is eaten by hand and it is very cheap.


The bibimbap is the color and flavor made into a dish. Its origin is Korean and currently, celebrities have made it part of their diet because of how nutritious, complete and delicious it is. The dish consists of white rice, meat, egg, abundant vegetables, seafood, and red chili paste that are harmoniously mixed in a bowl and ends up being a beautiful presentation full of colors and explosions of different flavors.


The name probably doesn’t sound like much to you, but you probably saw Po in Kung Fu Panda eat them. Baozis come from Chinese cuisine and are a type of bread rolls, usually steamed, filled with meat or vegetables.


These curious stuffed fish are the dessert of the moment in Japan. And although they are shaped like fish, they do not have fish! It is only given that shape by the plate where the mixture is put. Its characteristic flavor is that of the sweet bean called Azuki and it can be filled with custard, chocolate, cajeta, cheese, among other ingredients.

Currently, this gastronomic icon of Japanese culture is within our reach.

And now that you know the most popular Asian dishes of the moment, you may want to take a look at costs and plane tickets to visit Asia and its gastronomic wonders as they are served. Do not hesitate, it is an unforgettable experience that you cannot miss! But not without first scheduling an appointment with our experts in traveler’s health and preventing all viruses and diseases that you can contract when traveling, because here and in China at Passport Health we are here to serve you!