Welcome to my favorite cooking and recipe blog.

The people or bloggers who write cooking and recipe blog blogs inspire me with their passion for food and their stories related to gastronomy. The authors of cooking blogs are people with whom I would love to have the pleasure of having a cup of coffee with (or a glass of wine, a margarita, a mojito, a caipirinha, a pisco sour, etc), while we talk about the kitchen. This list includes cooking blogs in Spanish (and some in Portuguese).

I also have a list of my favorite Latin cooking blogs with recipes in English (or bilingual) in the English section of this site. If you have time, I recommend you visit that list too, as you know food enters through the eyes, and even if you understand the text, you can appreciate the photos (and well, translation tools on the internet abound these days, so there is no than letting language be an impediment).

I hope my viewers and readers also like my blog, and suggest me how I can improve my blog.

Happy Cooking!