Christmas Creative And Easy DIY Food Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Creative And Easy DIY Food Decoration Ideas

  1. The quick starter with the shape of Christmas

Let’s talk about¬† Christmas DIY Food decoration. The principle is this: prepare the usual dishes, but festively decorated. So for your appetizers, a piadina cut into wedges will be fine, put on a salatino a stick and covered with guacamole or cheese to spread mixed with olives or parsley and decorated with small pieces of tomato.

  1. Tramezzini made only for the holidays

As with the guacamole saplings, the sandwiches will also go great at aperitif time or for a game of cards. Present them as a Christmas wreath and no one will notice that they are the same, with wholemeal bread, cream cheese, and salami, which you prepare every time you throw a party.

  1. Cheesy Christmas tree

Laziness to the nth degree? Do everything in cubes: cheeses, tomatoes, croutons. Bring them to the table on a nice cutting board after arranging all the ingredients in the classic shape of a tree.

  1. Green trees as a dessert

A nice idea for Christmas? Small green trees to eat as a dessert and decorate the table at the same time: you have no idea how easy they are to make. Just get some strawberries (even if out of season) dip them in green icing, cover them with sugar balls and place them on a base, preferably a biscuit. Tell the truth, don’t they cry Christmas from every pore?

  1. The bread of Santa Claus

For your dinner, have you decided to launch yourself into 100% homemade, also preparing bread? The first question is: who makes you do it? The second: do you want to win the first prize? Then give your loaf the shape of Santa Claus. For the hat use red dye.

  1. The Christmas pizza

The worst thing about Christmas is that in addition to the 24th, 25th, and 26th you have to have lunch and dinner on the other days as well. A smart idea to resolve the evening while maintaining the festive atmosphere is Santa’s pizza. Easier than that.

  1. Salty and sweet pastries

You will love this idea for Christmas. You need two pieces of puff pastry cut like a triangle with a stem. Season the first layer with ham and cheese, or spinach and ricotta, but also with hazelnut and cocoa cream. Overlap the second sheet, make parallel cuts, roll up the strips you have obtained, and put them in the oven for about twenty minutes. The oven will give your tree an epic look.

  1. Christmas sweet pretzel

Don’t be scared, sweet pretzels are really easy to make. You just have to melt the milk chocolate, stuff the pretzel, and then create the eyes with the chocolate chips and the nose and mouth with sprinkles. This is easier done than said. And you will have some sweets that will really make a difference.

  1. Cupcake in the shape of a Christmas tree

There are never too many Christmas trees to eat and there are never too many if they are sweet. Here is an idea for a cupcake to decorate just like a fir tree. The trick to the height? An ice cream cone.

Here everything you need to know (and see) to make them.

  1. Cocoa muffins and pretzel

The usual chocolate muffin for Christmas becomes a fabulous reindeer! All you need is pretzels, chocolate buttons, biscuits, and food coloring.