How Cake Decorating Supplies Are Making the Lives of Bakers Easier?

Cake Decorating

How Cake Decorating Supplies Are Making the Lives of Bakers Easier?

There were times when baking a cake meant creating a delicious round-shaped wonder, with a flavourful icing and a few decoration details here and there. Cakes now, however, become a canvas for decoration, with a new fashion and style of cake decorations being introduced every now and then.

Cake decoration has become possible with the introduction and access of cake decorating supplies to the common public, with almost all bakers now learning a skill or two to add beauty to their creations.

Bake in Any Shape Possible

In previous times, cakes were only considered a cake in their standard round shape. If you were feeling a little bold, you went for a square cake, and that was all. Now, different shaped cake pans have made open a myriad of possibilities. Heart-shaped, tear-shaped, star-shaped, numbers and alphabets, even flowers, football, and different cartoon character shaped cake pans are not difficult to find now.

In addition, even if you cannot find a shape of your choice, you can get it custom made. No need to stick to boring old round cakes now when you have so many options now, right?

Pipe Icing in Any Design for Any Effect

There were times when all the bakers knew to the pipe were a few swirls, spirals, and other basic shapes on the cake. Now with over fifty-two different tips for piping, a whole new world of decorations is possible. Piping tips are like the tip of a pencil, and they allow you to create decorations like ruffles, beads, flowers, letters, ribbons, and textures, etc right on the base of the cake.

Moulds, Cutters, and Stencils for Creating Wonders

Ever since fondant baking took over the pastry world, cake decorating artists have been challenging themselves to create more and more breathtaking creations to take their caking skills to a next level. When relying on themes, it can be quite a time consuming to create small and complex shapes, and even more difficult to create multiple of them of the same size.

Premade products like stencils, cutters, and moulds have made the lives of pastry chefs quite easier, as they not only save their time but also ensure that you get a perfect decoration cut out every time.

Pre-Made Modelling Sets to Create a Marvel in a Jiffy

Modelling kits and sets of different cake supplies save even more time than other cake supplies. These sets come in different themes, and all you need to do is select an appropriate theme to get baking. If it is a spring wedding cake, for example, then you can find a compatible cake set that comes with sugar flowers and fondant making tools to ensure your cake looks gorgeous at the setting.

Edible Print Images to Save All the Efforts

Edible print images are images printed on edible papers with edible ink, which allow any image to be placed on the cake and awe the party guests. Edible images allow you to create a cake in almost one-tenth of the time it would take for a traditional cake, without any mistakes and need for creativity.

Cake decorating supplies can take you to a next level with no hard work, becoming one of the most essential equipment any pastry chef is supposed to own.