Recipe for sea bream with wheat risotto sauce

Recipe for sea bream

Recipe for sea bream with wheat risotto sauce

Let yourself be surprised by this delicious recipe for sea bream with risotto sauce, ideal for any type of dinner, with friends, family, informal dinner, etc., surely your guests will love it.

We tell you how to do it. Bon appetit!

Ingredients for the recipe for sea bream with wheat risotto sauce

  • Gold 1 unit
  • Wheat 100g
  • Vegetables, carrot, onion, leek, zucchini, celery.
  • Cooked beetroot, 1 unit
  • 1/2 liter cream
  • Egg 1 unit
  • Bread mold
  • Oil
  • Salt pepper
  • Germinated
  • 1 tablespoon of butter for rice

Preparation of sea bream with wheat risotto sauce

Fish preparation

We clean the fish, remove the loins and remove the bones. We portion and remove the skin. Take the portion of bream and wet it on the side that had the skin in a beaten egg and we pass it through the sliced ​​bread cut into small squares and press so that the pieces of bread stick, it should be well breaded. In a frying pan with a little oil, mark the bream on the side that is breaded over low heat for 3 to 4 min until the bread is browned, then turn it over and leave for another 3 min and reserve.

For the sauce

We wash the vegetables well and cut the celery and the white of the leek into julienne strips. In a casserole with a little oil and butter, sauté them (the celery and the leek) and add the head and spine of the bream, cover with water and cook for 40 min. Strain, add the cream and let it reduce until the desired texture is achieved, and season with salt and pepper.

For the wheat rice

Wash and dice the rest of the vegetables, except for the beet, which has to be added, finely chopped. In a saucepan with oil, brown the vegetables that we have just chopped, carrot, onion, and zucchini. Add the wheat and add twice as much water as wheat and cook for 15 min. When the grain is tender we add the chopped beet, we butter (add the butter) and we bind the wheat.

Pair the bream with risotto sauce

As a liquid companion for this exquisite recipe, we recommend a cool white wine. Any denomination of origin made with Chardonnay grape will do very well. The Chardonnay grape is probably one of the most common and well-known white (or green) grape varieties, originally a wine-growing region of Burgundy, in eastern France.

As a curiosity, we will tell you that the word Chardonnay is the adaptation that was used in France for the Hebrew term Sha’har-Adonay, whose translation would be “Puerta de Dios” referring to Jerusalem since it is said that this type of grape was brought to France from Palestine for the famous crusaders. So tasting this exquisite bream with risotto sauce with a glass of white wine “Puerta de Dios” can take you straight to heaven, even if only for a few seconds.