History of Cookies – Best Ever Cookie Collection

History of Cookies

History of Cookies – Best Ever Cookie Collection

Who doesn’t know the fantastic cookies? Everyone appreciates them but few know who is the creator of this explosion of taste.

Ruth Wakefield, born in 1905, this woman, teacher, and dietician bought together with her husband  Toll House Inn, a beautiful house that she used as a sort of B&B and was the place where she began to prepare many recipes for her guests.

In 1930, he almost by mistake created these fantastic chocolate chip cookies. He had run out of soft chocolate and so he decided to crush some NESLE chocolate into the dough. The cookies became famous all over the world as ” Toll House Crunch Cookies “.

Nesle increased the sales of chocolate and so the industrial giant and the cook agreed. Cookies dominated the world and still today they are among the tastiest and most consumed cookies.

Today I bring you a  collection of simple and delicious cookies to make at home, one better than the other. Different recipes, 8 types of biscuits, all well explained and with easy-to-find ingredients and in a few steps, you can make biscuits yourself for the whole family.

I have been trying for some time to do everything at home, to give my children a healthy and genuine diet, because even if they are now grown up, it is never too late to learn how to eat good homemade food! Moreover, what is much more important is that being homemade, all these biscuits are without dyes, thickeners, additives, and whoever can put them up… So today I want to share with you this small collection of simple and delicious biscuits. So you can prepare them too, for your children and teens.

Then you will find one recipe after another and you just have to click on the title or photo you like, and it takes you directly to the chosen recipe. I am sure that these 8 recipes will be very convenient for you. And who knows if you don’t prepare them together with your children, it will be even more fun to mess around in the kitchen!

Here is a collection of simple and delicious biscuits

Abbracci biscuits

Let’s start with these delicious  Abbracci biscuits like those in advertising but much better!

Cookies with cornflour

These  Cornmeal Cookies are quick and easy to make.

Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies

If you are looking for healthy cookies, here are these  Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies that are perfect for a snack.

Biscuits filled with apples and jam

These delicious  Apple and jam-filled biscuits also look like those of a famous brand, but made by us, they are even fluffier!

Puff pastry flowers with jam

Instead, these beautiful puff pastry flowers with jam are prepared with only 2 ingredients. You can of course use a different flavor jam.

Krumiri with chocolate chips

Do you know these cookies? I made  Krumiri with chocolate chips for the whole family’s breakfast!

Intorchiate or torcetti

Instead, these  Intorchiate or torcetti are crunchy and greedy biscuits!

Soft lemon biscuits

And finally, I also leave you these delicious soft lemon biscuits that are perfectly suited for a break of extreme pleasure!

Surely they are all very good right? I hope you enjoyed this collection of simple and delicious biscuits. In my blog, you can find other biscuit recipes such as Nutellotti or Biscuits of rusks and Nutella, and of various homemade snacks. So I remain at your complete disposal for any questions or curiosities as well as for other sweet and savory recipes.