Delicious and tasty Whole Wheat Tortillas Recipe

Wheat Tortillas Recipe

Delicious and tasty Whole Wheat Tortillas Recipe

The word “taco” means “in the middle” or “in the middle” because of the way it is presented, did you know? However, you can prepare your own homemade tacos with these whole flour tortillas and burritos, quick pizzas, or use them to spread pasta, patés, hummus, and much more.

Stay reading in until the end and you will discover that, in addition to being tasty and easy, these whole wheat tortillas have great nutritional benefits. Find out how to make whole wheat tortillas and prepare healthier dishes.

Whole Wheat Tortillas Recipe

Ingredients to make whole flour tortillas:

  • 1 cup of whole wheat flour (150 grams)
  • ¼ cup warm water
  • 1 tablespoon of neutral oil

Step 1:

To start assembling these simple whole wheat tortillas that are also vegan, mix all the ingredients in a bowl or container.

Step 2:

Join the ingredients with the help of your hands and knead for a few minutes until you get a malleable bun. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes to make it easier for you to roll out the dough.

Step 3:

Divide the bun into 7 or 8 smaller ones. The number of buns you make will determine the final size of the whole grain tortillas.

Step 4:

Roll out the buns to form whole wheat tortillas as thin as you see in the image.

Step 5:

Cook the whole wheat tortillas in an oil-free nonstick skillet or griddle over medium heat until it begins to stick. At that point, flip and cook for 1 minute or until golden brown as well.

Step 6:

As they are ready, arrange them on a covered plate to stay moist and pliable to fill without breaking. You can now use your whole wheat tortillas to make tacos or burritos and accompany hummus, guacamole, or whatever you want.

Whole wheat tortillas: benefits and recommendations

Thanks to making them homemade, you will save money and improve the nutritional quality by reducing their calories and, above all, improving the amount and type of fat they provide. Industrial tortillas provide 3 times more saturated fat than those in this whole wheat tortilla recipe. This is important since the high consumption of this type of fat is related to cardiovascular diseases.

In many countries, you can get a “light” version of the classic tortillas. To be called that way, it must be reduced by 25% in a nutrient. In this case, the reduction is 1 gram in total fat. Still, the total fats in whole wheat tortillas are lower, as well as their saturated fats.

Last but not least, you can make this recipe without salt, thus obtaining even healthier whole tortillas.

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