The keys to choosing the perfect wedding menu

perfect wedding menu

The keys to choosing the perfect wedding menu

Choosing the wedding menu is one of the most difficult moments for the bride and groom. There are many people to please and a lot of money will be invested in making everything perfect in one of the meals that you will remember the most throughout your life.

Do we get the original? Do we shoot the traditional way? Will we get bored? Nothing seems to be clear when choosing the banquet site and trying the different menus. That’s why we put at your disposal a series of valuable tips to hit the mark with food on your wedding day.

Catering In your kitchen has a lot of experience when it comes to serving wedding banquets and, with its hundreds of services as a flag, it gives us the keys to find what they call ‘the supreme menu’.

What should not be missing on your wedding day?

If you don’t want to get your fingers caught, bet on the classic model: first, second, and dessert. Between dishes, make sure there is sirloin. Although he is a regular at weddings, he has reason to be king: most people like him and if the quality of the meat is excellent, diners will be delighted. Another safe bet, a ham cutter. An aperitif based on acorn-fed ham and a good wine never disappoints.

What you should never serve

A cake to cut with a sword. Totally old-fashioned (and very bulky too).

The most popular appetizers

Do you want to give the classic menu a spin? Serve glasses of salmorejo with ham shavings, a more modern way of presenting a regular on wedding menus. And to follow, croquettes (a delicate besamel and a light batter are the keys to success).

If you’re looking for something lighter, go for a bowl of salmon tartare with avocado mousse and hazelnut vinaigrette. For the sophisticated ones, foie mousse with caramelized apple and black biscuit crumble, a delight!

More ideas to choose from according to your tastes:

  • Red Tuna Tataki with Mild Black Garlic Ali-Oli Sauce
  • Duck taco confit with foie and shallots
  • Yakitori chicken skewer
  • King prawns in panko bread with ‘sweet chili sauce
  • A teaspoon of Carabinero carpaccio with salmon roe and caviar
  • Quinoa salad with avocado, vegetables, and citrus sauce

Attention! The mini also triumphs:

  • A mini teaspoon of Galician octopus with paprika mashed potatoes
  • A mini bowl of rice with rabbit, free-range chicken, and vegetables

Champagne: when?

In your kitchen, he recommends serving it during a cocktail at a specific position for it and accompanying it with delicious oysters.

Meat or fish?

It is good to propose both options, although keep in mind that meat is usually the great favorite.

The menu for an evening wedding

It is well known that dinners should be lighter than meals so you could go for lighter dishes like a lobster salad on mango and avocado tartare.

The times

You should not pass or fall short with time. To make the banquet relaxed but entertaining, make the aperitif last about an hour and the meal about an hour and a half. An endless meal can turn into a dark stain on your special day. In addition, this way you will have all the time to have a few drinks and dance.

How to choose the dessert

We recommend that, so that you finish the menu with a good taste in your mouth, you choose a dessert that you both love. If you are passionate about chocolate, a ‘brownie’ may be the best option. If not, the tiramisu is always a hit and the Idiazábal cheesecake is a favorite of most people.