The five best homemade pizza recipes and tips

homemade pizza recipes

The five best homemade pizza recipes and tips

It is difficult to find someone who rejects a pizza night, and this preparation is also ideal for introducing food into children’s menus in a very attractive way. You can prepare the dough at home or buy it ready-made, and the same with the tomato sauce. Although if you have time to make homemade pizza, you will notice the difference.

Four Cheese Pizza

homemade pizza tips

The mozzarella, the gorgonzola, the fontina, and the parmesan are traditionally the protagonists of the pizza four kinds of cheese, but if you prefer you can substitute them for others. Unlike the rest of the pizzas, in this one, the dough is not covered with tomato, and it is the favorite of cheese lovers.

Pizza With Fake Bolognese

If you are looking for a vegetable alternative, take note of this mock bolognese pizza made with seitan, known as vegetable meat. It is perfect for the little ones because it is very easy to digest.

Beetroot And Vegetable Pizza

A very vegetable pizza, as well as appetizing. This time we give you a trick to make it crispier: add the tomato to the dough and bake for a few minutes before adding the cheese and the rest of the ingredients.

Asparagus Pizza

If you’ve taken to asparagus, why not make a pizza with it? Remember they are in season! To complete the recipe you can add a few shavings of Iberian ham a couple of minutes before removing the pizza from the oven; it will be very tasty.

Microwave Pizza

If you have run out of the oven, but you feel like a pizza, you can prepare it in the microwave. In this recipe, we suggest that you make your own dough for the base, but if you don’t have time, you can use a precooked one.

Tips To Savor The Best Pizzas

Although traditionally attributed to Italian cuisine, pizza has already become a universal dish. In fact, it seems impossible to imagine any corner of the world without it. It is always tried to have that Italian essence, especially related to the city of Naples. And, luckily, its possibilities are endless.

Monitor The Number Of Ingredients

When we start to make a pizza or order it at home, many times we try to be creative and put in endless ingredients. We customize too much. It is true that, on occasion, the result can be positive. But, by tradition, the Neapolitans are lovers of simple products. Also, it is better not to put more than 3 or 4 ingredients: if there are more, they prevent homogeneous cooking.

Do Not Always Choose The Same

Surely, we all have a favorite pizza. The one that we would eat every day, every hour and we think we would never get tired of it. But one of the hallmarks of this Italian dish is its variety. Let yourself be surprised. In fact, a cook can even be taken as an offense that, in his restaurant, you always order the same product. And you can end up boring him.

Eat It Triangles Or Portfolio?

Another of the most frequent debates related to pizza is how to eat it. There are those who prefer to do it with cutlery, while others bet on doing it with their hands. The first gives the impression of being more polite, yes. But if you use the second way, in Italy it is customary to eat it a portfolio: folded into four parts. Especially since, many times, it is a product that is consumed on the street.

With What Drink To Accompany It?

Another secret on how to best enjoy a pizza is what to drink while you’re eating, and the answer is clear. In Italy there is a saying that says pizza e birra in compagnia, that is, pizza and beer together. A good way to clear up all doubts and explain which drink is recommended, or at least is the most common, to combine with a good pizza.

Do Not Overheat

It is something that does not often happen to us in a restaurant, but it does when we order pizzas at home: we fill up, leave some pieces and decide to save them. The problem? That we normally prefer hot pizza and reheating it in a microwave is considered a mistake.